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This site lists UK academic open data services, with a focus on services provided for an entire organisation. Most are discovered automatically from an organisation Open Profile Document, but if this is not possible please contact us and we'll add a manual entry. The data on this site is available as a JSON document with a CC0 license.

OrganisationLogoHomepageOpen DataOPDSPARQLContact
Aberystwyth UniversityLINKLINKLINK
Archives hubLINKLINKLINK<>
Birkbeck, University of LondonLINKLINK
Buckinghamshire New UniversityLINKLINKLINK
Cranfield UniversityLINKLINK<>
De Montfort UniversityLINKLINK
Durham UniversityLINKLINK
Gateway to ResearchLINKLINK<>
Queen Mary University of LondonLINKLINK
St George's, University of LondonLINKLINKLINK
The University of BristolLINKLINKLINKDebra Hiom <>
The University of LiverpoolLINKLINK
The University of ManchesterLINKLINK
The University of SurreyLINKLINK
University of CambridgeLINKLINKLINK<>
University of LeedsLINKLINKLINK<>
University of OxfordLINKLINKLINK<>
University of ReadingLINKLINK
University of SouthamptonLINKLINKLINKLINK<>